Together We Rise Community Fund


Greenbank RSL's Together We Rise initiative is to provide immediate financial support to the local and domestic community in their times of need.

Anytime you purchase a product from the new Poppy range or partake in promotion with the Together We Rise logo you are directly helping contribute funds to the program.

Partnered with the Greenbank RSL Community Support and Benefit Programs, Together We Rise continues the incredible investment your club has made to the local community for the last 30 years! 


You are supporting the Together We Rise Program when you:

  • Purchase a social membership to the Club;
  • Purchase our Red Poppy Lager - available on tap or cans;
  • Purchase our Gold Poppy Ale - available on tap or cans;  
  • Purchase our Purple Poppy 2018 Cabernet Merlot;
  • Purchase our White Poppy 2019 Sauvignon Blanc;
  • Purchase a Greenbank RSL Together We Rise stubby cooler;
  • Purchase The Garden's Cafe | Bar | Restaurant monthly meal special;  
  • Purchase a Together We Rise Bingo dabber;
  • Make a donation into one of our Together We Rise collection boxes in a number of locations across the Club.

All of the Poppy range* is available to purchase over the bar and from the Club's Bottle Shop for you to enjoy at home.
*Red Poppy Lager & Gold Poppy Ale available in 4-pk cans from the Bottle Shop.


Thank you for supporting the Club that supports your local community!


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