The Sensational 70s
21:00 - 23:30 The Lounge

Event Details

The Sensational 70s - Where free love, hair and flairs, ruled. From Rock to Disco to Punk! Some of the greatest popular music of all time was produced in the 70’s  Where bands like The Eagles, Suzi Quatro , the Four Seasons, KC & sunshine band , the Police, AC/DC, the Cars, The Knack , Bowie , Rocky Horror Picture show, Fleetwood Mac, Tina Turner & Blondie the pretenders, Janice Joplin, Zepplin and so many more ROCKED the airways! This Fun filled show is delivered by a killer 6 piece band with both male and Female lead vocalist.

Please adhere to social distancing rules. Capacity limits apply. Free live entertainment. Members only.