Ride the Lightning- Metallica Tribute Show
21:00 - 23:30 The Pepsi Max Lounge

Event Details

Where were you in 1991, when this iconic Black Album metal masterpiece was released into the airwaves, making Metallica metal superstars? 30 years later, this number 1 album has sold over 30 million and continues to be discovered by new audiences every year.
Have you ever seen this album played live, all at once?? Very unlikely! Well, have we got something special in-store for you,; Greenbank RSL have Australia's' Premier Metallica Tribute 'Ride the Lightning' performing the complete album, beginning to end, or end to beginning followed by another full set of Metallica tunes to top it off.
Please adhere to social distancing rules. Free live entertainment. Open to all members & guests.