Just Ace Grinspoon Tribute Show
21:00 - 23:30 Pepsi Max Lounge

Event Details

Grinspoon is one of the most successful Australian bands over the past 20 years. With their crushing debut "Guide To Better Living" still being relevant with sold-out shows across the country, it is well known that Grinspoon has a healthy fan base around Australia.
Just Ace is a tribute to the great band and consists of four Gold Coast veteran musicians from the likes of Kobrakai, Blood of The Lanisters, and Bones Rivers, who have come together to bring the closest thing to the real band.
With a setlist that is nothing but the hits, fans and punters at previous gigs have been singing along to every song and enjoying themselves with Just Ace rocking out their favourite Grinspoon tunes.
Please adhere to social distancing rules. Free live entertainment. Open to all members & guests.