Welcome... to your new look rewards program, Fortuna Rewards.

The Fortuna Rewards program delivers special offers, rewards and recognition and serves to thank you for your loyalty and support of your local community Club. By using your current financial Fortuna Rewards card, you can start earning Fortuna Rewards points instantly. Make sure you insert your card when playing any of our gaming machines or present your card at any
Point-of-Sale to earn points. Greenbank RSL is the club that supports you and your local community.



What's your Fortuna Rewards Level?

Each level of Fortuna Rewards offers different rewards and benefits. The more points you earn when using your Fortuna Rewards Card to purchase [...]

How do you earn Fortuna Reward Points?

Earning points is easy! You can earn Fortuna Rewards points automatically when you: Present your Fortuna Rewards card every time you make a [...]

How can you spend Fortuna Rewards?

There are so many ways to spend your Fortuna Rewards  points throughout the club including: The Grange Buffet The Gardens [...]

How do you check your points balance?

You can check your Fortuna Rewards Card points balance at any time simply by: Swiping your membership card at any membership kiosk; Inserting [...]

How do i check my Fortuna Rewards level?

You can swipe your Fortuna Rewards card at any membership kiosk to view your current Fortuna Rewards level. Levels are re-calculated by the 10th of [...]

Do Fortuna Reward Points expire?

Points earned by Member, Bronze and Silver can be redeemed for rewards up until the 31st December of each year. If the points are not redeemed by [...]