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Here are some Q&As of our Frequently Asked Questions:



Q: How much does it cost to play Bingo?
 Sessions vary between $19 & $24
Q: What is a "treble?"
 A treble is when a card is played one line, two lines & full house.
Q: What is a PET?
 A PET (Personal Electronic Transmitter) is an electronic ticket played on a tablet.
Q: Can I reserve a PET?
PETs are available on a first in first served basis only.
Q: How much does it cost to play a PET?
PETs can be played at no extra cost. Some sessions may incur a $50 minimum spend. 
Q: What does "$50 Minimum spend on PETs" mean?
 For our more popular sessions a $50 minimum spend may be required due to a limited amount of PETs available. This occurs but is not limited to our End of Month Sizzler, Fortuna Rewards Giveaway Sessions & Snowball Jackpot session when $10,000 in 48 calls or higher.
Q: Do I have to bring my own dabber?
 You are welcome to bring your own dabber/s, however we do have an array of dabbers available for purchase.
Q: Can I reserve a table?
 Tables are not available for reservation in bingo.